How to join and use the Library

The following regulations apply to the libraries of Allerød, Fredensborg, Furesø, Gentofte, Gladsaxe, Hillerød, Hørsholm and Lyngby-Taarbæk.

If you join one of these libraries you will automatically join the others.


Who can use the library?

The library is for everyone. Use of the Danish public library system is free of charge.
To take home books and other materials you will need to register. Please note that some library services are only available to local residents.

How do I join the library?

You can join the library either in person or online. You set up a PIN number when you register.

The PIN is required when you borrow, reserve or renew library materials, when you wish to check your borrower information, or make use of other online library services.

Please notify the library if you change your address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.

The "sundhedskort" (medical card) serves as library card and must be brought if you wish to borrow. The card is for your personal use only, and you are responsible for everything borrowed on it. Please contact the library immediately if the card is stolen or lost.
Children and young people under 15 can be issued with a library card instead.


How long is the loan period?

The standard loan period is one month. Some materials have a shorter loan period. Please check your issue receipt. 
The individual library can decide on certain restrictions in an individual user´s total loan allowance, cf. "Bekendtgørelse om biblioteksvirksomhed" (Ministerial order regarding library services), § 15.



How do I return borrowed materials?

Your issue receipt shows which items you have borrowed and when they are due back. When you return borrowed materials you will get a receipt as proof of return.

You can view your current loans, reservations etc. on the library homepage.

If borrowed materials are not returned on time an overdue charge is applied. The current rates are as follows:

Number of days overdue


Materials for adults


Materials for children

1 - 7 days  


Dkr. 20

    Dkr. 5  
8 -30 days     Dkr. 60     Dkr. 30  
31 days and over     Dkr. 200     Dkr. 100  


How do I renew loans?

You can renew a loan provided the item has not been reserved by others. Please note that there may be a renewal limit, depending on library policy. Certain items cannot be renewed.
You can renew your loans online, by telephone or in person.



How do I make a reservation?

You can reserve books, CDs etc online, by telephone or in person.

You will be notified by post, e-mail or text message when a reserved item is ready to collect. If the item you require is not in stock, the library will try to obtain it for you via inter-library loan.

Please note that there may be a reservation limit, depending on library policy. Some libraries charge a reservation fee.



Lost or damaged material

If you lose or accidentally damage borrowed material you will be charged for its replacement. The library assumes no responsibility for damage caused to a user´s equipment by items borrowed from the library.




The library is for everyone. You are expected to behave appropriately and follow the staff´s directions. The staff may exclude from the library or suspend from its use for a specified period any person who behaves in an unacceptable manner or infringes the regulations.

Borrowing rights can be suspended if the user repeatedly fails to return borrowed material, or if the user to a considerable extent violates his or her obligation to return borrowed material in undamaged condition. Exclusion from borrowing at the library may also occur if a user has long-outstanding accounts of DKK 200,- or more. A seven days written notice will be given prior to exclusion. A bailiff's order may be implemented regarding outstanding fees, cf. "Lov om biblioteksvirksomhed" (Act regarding library services), §32 and §33.


Data protection policy

The libraries comply with the provisions of the "Lov om behandling af personoplysninger" (The Act on Processing of Personal Data).