Nonfiction Festival

March 2020 will see a celebration of the great stories of reality. When it comes to nonfiction, it’s easy to become hypnotized by content and subject matter. Nonfiction Festival is devoted to bringing out the literary merits of the genre. Over the course of ten days discussions, debates, concerts, and theatre productions will highlight nonfictional works that document reality entertainingly and creatively.

Media monopolies and manipulations is on everyone's mind. Who and what to trust in this era of fake news? Nonfiction Festival comes to the rescue, guiding its attendees to the very best of nonfiction. The genre has seen a rapid evolution in Scandinavia in recent years, from the dry and esoteric towards the engaging and narrative.

Unique locations in Lyngby host the festival events. This includes the flagship City Library of Lyngby next to lake Mølleåen, classicist jewel Sophienholm, the coastal library at Taarbæk Harbor, and the beautiful 18th-century country house Frieboeshvile.

Nonfiction Festival was launched in 2019 by The City Library of Lyngby. About 2000 guests visited the events of the festival, which included debates and talks to documentaries, theater and a space trip for children.View the 2019 festival program here.

Nonfiction Festival in 2020 takes place on the 12th-22nd of March. The final weekend will be dedicated to school children and families with children.